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Entry #2

Heyhey <3

2009-04-20 09:52:42 by ShadowolfC

Surprised, someone read my last post O_O Awesome. Anyways, didnt have a fight with my dad.. He was to drunk to remember I existed and just walked right past me to bed xDxD Anyway, thinking about uploading some of my recordings to newgrounds. Need a line in though..And some new pedals. Going to town tomorow, will probably buy some from Renaults XDXD Soo..What's up? D: (leave a comment) Anddd I have a question. For my first upload to newgrounds, should I use my crappy Epiphone les pail Spec II orr my Jackson V which is sexual.. Or my sweet accoustic? I'll upload picks of my Jackson V and Les Paul, but I dont have one of my accoustic. The V is amazing for shredding.. So if I use that it'll probably be a solo-filled song, with the les paul it would probs be chords xD. I'll probably post again today, if anyone replies :P Cyaaaa <3 :D

(edit): By the way. Been making a lot more siggies with Photoshop recently ^_^ The one on my banner I made like two seconds ago. My account picture Imade for my brother, but I love it soo. .<_< <3 That's all really. Byebye, again <3

Heyhey <3


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2009-04-20 14:14:54

Sexual? Sounds fun...


2009-04-20 14:49:50

It is ^.-