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~Music~ I play guitar, bass and Keyboard. Favourite music genres; Metal, Trance and Drumb N Bass. Favourite Artists; System of a Down, Slipknot, Korn, Disturbed, Apocalyptica, Buckethead, Daft Punk, Rob Zombie, Metallica, Nirvana, Wolfmother, PanterA.

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Posted by ShadowolfC - April 20th, 2009

Surprised, someone read my last post O_O Awesome. Anyways, didnt have a fight with my dad.. He was to drunk to remember I existed and just walked right past me to bed xDxD Anyway, thinking about uploading some of my recordings to newgrounds. Need a line in though..And some new pedals. Going to town tomorow, will probably buy some from Renaults XDXD Soo..What's up? D: (leave a comment) Anddd I have a question. For my first upload to newgrounds, should I use my crappy Epiphone les pail Spec II orr my Jackson V which is sexual.. Or my sweet accoustic? I'll upload picks of my Jackson V and Les Paul, but I dont have one of my accoustic. The V is amazing for shredding.. So if I use that it'll probably be a solo-filled song, with the les paul it would probs be chords xD. I'll probably post again today, if anyone replies :P Cyaaaa <3 :D

(edit): By the way. Been making a lot more siggies with Photoshop recently ^_^ The one on my banner I made like two seconds ago. My account picture Imade for my brother, but I love it soo. .<_< <3 That's all really. Byebye, again <3

Heyhey <3

Posted by ShadowolfC - April 17th, 2009

I know pretty much nobody is going to read this. :D So anyone who does at all, congratulations. I LOVE YOU. I have a few questions. Will you marry me? :] How many kids do we want? You want none?! Lets compromise and have uhm, one or two? Ok. Right. Before we become middle aged and have kids, lets be all lovey dovey for a while and make everyone around us feel awkward *-* I LOVE YOU <3
Well...First day on newgrounds..Dunno why I'm writing this <.< S_ _ _ bored. Downloading stuff..Talking to me bestie Ryan~ It's like quater to 1 in Ireland atm :S Am. Waiting for my dad to come in drunk and have a small fight with him that will start over something stupid about me having the comp this late. It will eventually develope into a staring match, and then shoving. Then my mum will come seperate us and send us both to our rooms :] Ah, great fun. Anyway.. Level 2. <_< I have a question for anyone who eventually reads this, whether it be in one hour or one year. Does leveling up help at all or does it just raise the power of my vote?? The pictures are cool at higher levels. Saw them earlier, by mistake :S Cant remember how. Level 38 or something is a scythe..Sexy.. Hmm. Well lots of people call me a goth, friends call me a metal head. x3 I prefer to be known as a 'Andyman' The one and only of my race >:D My babbies are gonna be so messed up~ That's all I can type for now,I can here my dad struggling with the door. Bye <3 By the way, the pic is of my like this morning. O.o *dirtycamwhore* Ftw <3

~Day one~